Nuremberg: A booster shot in relation to the vaccination project.

The Nuremberg Code was developed during the Nazi Doctors’ Trial in Nuremberg so that the horrors committed by the Nazis on the human body would not be repeated. I logically deduce from this that any decision, political or otherwise, that violates the Nuremberg Code is Nazi in essence. The Nuremberg Code The Nuremberg Code isContinue reading “Nuremberg: A booster shot in relation to the vaccination project.”

Green finance – A deadly green world.

It was stated at the Davos Economic Forum in January 2020: “Humanity has a chance to create a more sustainable and just world in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.” “The pandemic is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect on and reset our world. Neoliberalism has had its day.” In conclusionContinue reading “Green finance – A deadly green world.”

Brief overview of the history of pandemics and its conclusion.

By deciphering the evolution of epidemics over the past centuries, a significant convergence appears between the manifestation of a pandemic and the growth of the ego within a social group, in this specific case of one or more nations. It is a question of finding the correlation of these events, i.e. of the emergence ofContinue reading “Brief overview of the history of pandemics and its conclusion.”

Are we entering a techno-sanitary dictatorship?

Today we are facing a global crisis. Perhaps the greatest crisis of our generation. The ongoing decisions made by governments will in one way or another shape the world for years to come, they will impact not only our health systems, but also our economy, our politics and our culture. We must act quickly andContinue reading “Are we entering a techno-sanitary dictatorship?”

Toward a society where necessity rules.

We are entering an economic era where we are already seeing some nations decree that only necessary products are authorized for sale. The regulations can be so strict as to impose a fine on the consumer and the seller.However, everything is far from clear on what can be considered as necessary or not essential productsContinue reading “Toward a society where necessity rules.”