Toward a society where necessity rules.

We are entering an economic era where we are already seeing some nations decree that only necessary products are authorized for sale. The regulations can be so strict as to impose a fine on the consumer and the seller.However, everything is far from clear on what can be considered as necessary or not essential products for a person’s needs.

The current legislation is born of a system where consumerism is king and in fact hardly adapted to an inverted system.Counterbalancing the legal vacuum, most of the regulations applied are administrative ordinances which can sometimes be contradicted from one city to another, from one state, one province or between neighboring countries.

Thus we see a pack of cigarettes is considered a product of necessity in one country while a book is not.The list of the number of aberrations is too long to put it here.This brings us back to the definition of the word “necessary” which means essential.Conversely, what is not essential is therefore superfluous; what is superfluous is dead weight.

How will one be able to establish a global legislation determining the necessity of the superfluous? Because it is international legislation that must prevail over national law in order to maintain the flow of trade.While waiting for a legal concordance, this anarchy of ordinances leads to the closure of very many businesses, worse still causing the suicide of more and more of their owners feeling also become superfluous in this new society,where the rules come suddenly to change for better or for worse.The future will tell.

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