Green finance – A deadly green world.

It was stated at the Davos Economic Forum in January 2020: “Humanity has a chance to create a more sustainable and just world in the wake of the Covid 19 pandemic.”

“The pandemic is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect on and reset our world. Neoliberalism has had its day.”

In conclusion of this summit it was necessary to rebuild world finance and more precisely to create a synthetic hegemonic currency.

The strategy is that in the next few years any business and individual will be able to open a cryptocurrency account with the central bank.

The main objective is to eliminate intermediaries, that is to say commercial banks. Everything will be managed by a network of central banks in order to preserve monetary sovereignty.In short, it is the return of the world monetary theory of Meynard Keynes and the Bancor.

The Chinese are already ahead, ten million digital Yuan which have already been distributed to 50,000 Chinese drawn at random. China produces hundreds of patents on strategic crypto technologies.The American Federal Bank not wanting to be at the back of the pack is also working on crypto dollars.

End of commercial banking.

With the development of central bank cryptocurrencies and negative rates that reduce the returns on bank accounts, commercial banks will become obsolete.

So we would have on the one hand hyper centralized crypto currencies of central banks in direct contact with economic actors without banking intermediaries and on the other a decentralized crypto avatar community of investment banks today totally uncontrollable and unregulated.

Politics replaced by technocratic finance

This implies that the States are completely evicted and that they will no longer be able to play their role of coordinator of long-term credit policies with a view to truly productive investments. Politics no longer has a say, it is the technocracy of central banks allied to investment banks and the anarchy of crypto-economic players who will be in power. Cleverly orchestrated chaos and ideal playground for a financial oligarchy.

We are very far from a virtuous vision of a post-pandemic economy.The current financial system cannot hold up without a constant infusion of central bank money.

A central bank’s digital currency could mean: more bailout, easier, with less middleman and less state control. A paradise for fraudsters.

It is a theft of our national central banks for the benefit of a financial caste which uses cryptocurrency as an instrument of control, but cryptocurrency is not the problem per se.

This crypto-monetary paradigm shift is directly linked to the Big Reset.The story offered to us is that we will have to direct all investments and therefore the money of the central bank towards green, ecological and climate-neutral projects, and stop gray investments emitting Co2. On paper, this seems reasonable.

Green deadly energy

But if we take a serious look at what is behind the word “green”, it is clearly shown that the rate of energy return is below the threshold of economic viability, it is also a logical consequence of their low density. energetic.

To impose a drastic drop in the flow of energy available to humanity is to sign a death warrant for billions of human beings who currently only have fossil fuels to survive, they will be unable to develop the density of expensive renewable energies or in the immediate nuclear sector. If we take their gray energies away from them now, they die.It has already been announced that two hundred and seventy million people risk dying of hunger in 2021 if we do not quickly revive a productive economy after the pandemic. (report of the UN World Food Program).

There is just need to say that if central banks take control over cryptocurrencies and green investments become the only ones allowed then we will face a genocide unprecedented in human history over two or three generations.

Renewable energies are anything but productive, we need an energy density equivalent to nuclear fission or better yet fusion to support a world population that is growing in quantity and quality.

Green technologies are a phenomenal step backwards. Here is the true Malthusian nature of this great resetting of the number of human beings to a new acceptable for the world elite.

We cannot allow this crime to be committed in beautiful green clothes,dotted with attractive cryptocurrency.

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