Advent of a new world

In case you haven’t noticed, we are in the process of changing of paradigm, which is the advent of the new world, a new era for humanity.
Each of us is called to integrate into ourselves this change that Nature is trying to make us accept.

Nothing can be as before. Finished the divisions of social classes, eradicated vapid ideologies, finished fratricidal communitarianism’s, buried dogmas in beliefs where the imagination veils the real of life, annihilated the economic and productive outrageous totalitarianism, broken the chains of stupefy consumerism, freed from the concentration production matrix its slaves.

The time has come for the advent where the consumerist and predatory animal in its environment is transformed into man as Nature created it throughout an evolutionary process for millions of years.

This man is called to re-establish what since his creation the whole fundamental process of life rests, that is to say the complete and harmonious connection between all living cells of the system that is living in its entirety. Whether infinite micro or macro.

This metamorphosis begins with the elevation of our collective field of consciousness by correcting our perception until now accidentally atrophied by our multiple wanderings due to our animal instincts, certainly the smarter but the most predator.

This new era penultimate stage of completeness of Being implies in its first phase a total reform of the education system, which will be based from the start on learning to “live together” and teaching the fundamentals of what is a true interconnection and interdependence among men.

These fundamentals are the cornerstone for building an altruistic society with the motto “Love your neighbor like yourself”.

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